Located at the heart of the Sudd Swamp, and its coordination offices in Juba and Akobo East town, ACD is the first national/CBO formed in South Sudan to protect and conserve wildlife along the Sudd Ramsar. Its head office is situated at Old Fangak of Fangak Island at the heart of Ez Zeraf Game Reserve, a 675,000 hectares (about 10,000 sq. km) of land designated as game reserve in 1939.

The agency uses the grassroot approach of recruiting village youths, women and traditional leaders – the chiefs as Community Wildlife Ambassadors due to their nuance knowledge of the animals, their habitats, migratory routes, but most of all, they are the very community who conduct illicit activities against the environment. There are currently 31 trained CWAs (2 females) on camera traps and GPS usage, animal tracking, data gathering and analysis. This team facilitate conflict resolution meetings and dialogues, conduct animal-human relationship surveys and raise awareness on protection and conservation of the wild animals and the ecosystem at the Sudd Ramsar.